An IVA is a powerful solution designed by Government Legislation to help people to become debt free in typically 60 months. If you qualify you could write off unsecured debt*

Debt Management

Debt Management is used by 100,000's of people in the UK to get their debts under control. It’s not the only option and for many people there are better debt solutions available.

Scottish Trust Deed

Trust Deeds are available exclusively in Scotland and are designed by Government Legislation

You could, reduce your repayments, be debt free in just 48 months and write off unaffordable debt.


Bankruptcy is perhaps one of the most well known debt solutions but it can often be avoided. 

This option isn’t for everyone so make sure you have all the facts before going Bankrupt.

Debt Relief Order

Debt Relief Orders or DRO became available in 2011 and are good way of dealing with debts.

There is quite strict criteria to qualify for what is commonly called ‘’Mini Bankruptcy’’

Borrowing Options

For most people struggling with debt, the priority is to make repayments more affordable.

There are a number of ways that borrowing could reduce your repayments. 

Debt Help Guides

When dealing with debt, the more information you can get about your options the better.

Our helpful guides section can answer questions, explain your options and offer expert information.

Question & Answers

Dealing with debt can be confusing and at times daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Take a look at our FAQ section to get the answers about the different debt solutions available

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Every year, our expert advisors help 1000's of people to find a lasting solution to their debts. 

No matter what the situation, we can help you to find a solution.

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Customer Reviews

You were fantastic listening and helping me to come to a successful conclusion; I really appreciate your professionalism & understanding.

Rebbeca C (Birmingham)

Speaking with you was a whole different conversation. You clearly knew your way around my options and what solutions were available. The main reason I went with Ramsey Lomax is that it was always you at the end of the phone. It made all the difference knowing my questions were going to be answered on the spot and I didn’t have to keep explaining myself to a different person every time.

Lee M (Liverpool)

Can't thank you enough. First good nights sleep I have had in ages. I didn't realise that my debt plan was going to last so long. Your suggestion is a much better idea and i'm definitely going to go ahead with it. Thanks,

H Connell (Sheffield)